Mister Matt Ryan Creative
Creative/Creative Director/Director/Mentor

CV In Brief

Working in Advertising since 1980, 17 years at Saatchi and Saatchi (Creative Director, Executive Board)
Awards from all major Festivals but most notably; 2 Cannes Gold,s six silvers, D&AD Silver and six nominations

Best of One Show (Best ad in America). The first British recipient of this most coveted Award. 1 Gold Campaign Press Award and six Silvers (Big Awards) 5 Campaign Poster Silvers (Big Award)

One Show and Clios Halls of Fame.

Work exhibited in Museum of Modern Art New York

Career Firsts; The World’s first fading poster for Motor Neurone Disease

The World’s first interactive Cinema Commercial for BA. First foreign winner of the One Show “Best of Show” Award USA.

Guiness Book of Records entry for most ads to appear on air on one night for Castlemaine XXXX.

Most noted in UK for; Creator of the National Lottery’s iconic “Hand of Good Fortune” and “It Could Be You” concept.



Paul Arden

Paul Arden, my boss at Saatchis, had the attention span of a child.

If you presented him with work that did not move him in any way, you would quickly see his eyes glaze over as he would struggle to comprehend why you were sitting in front of him with a piece of paper in your hand.

If you were not made of pretty strong stuff, he could destroy you as an art director.

He never articulated what was wrong, he would tear your layouts up in front of you (pre-mac days) and reassemble them using a photostat machine to alter size and scale of your elements.

During this process, which could take place in front of other creatives, typos (and sometimes account men who were waiting to run out the door with it to the client), he may not utter a word, but leave you with a hastily, but delicately arranged collage of your elements that was ten times better than where you started.

Your ego lay on the floor with all the torn up bits of your original, but if you could take it, you were a better creative for the experience.

My mentoring techniques are a lot different to the great Paul Arden's, but the most important thing I learnt has remained with me;

"Good enough" will never be enough.

Paul Arden liked our poster for his talk to the IPA so much, he turned it into a book.

Matt Ryan was awarded his first job in advertising by winning the Creative Circle’s Student Award Competition.

He went on to  join Saatchi and Saatchi in 1985 where he featured in all the world’s leading advertising awards over the next seventeen years,
his greatest accolade being “The Best of the Best” in the USA’s One Show Awards.

During his time there, Saatchis was widely regarded as the most creative agency in the world, being appointed agency of the Year at Cannes in 1995.

He achieved Creative directorship and was voted onto the executive board.

His most widely known work was the Launch of Britain’s National Lottery campaign, having created the now iconic “Hand of Good fortune” and the tag-line ”It Could Be You”.

Since Saatchis’ he has run his own consultancy, directed commercials all over the world, worked as creative Coach and worked direct to client on large multi-National Writing/Directing projects.

He has recently returned from a year as Creative Director at Saatchi and Saatchi Budapest and is currently working as a freelance Creative/ creative director.